AI And Big Data Main Hub

Large-scale analysis: integrative analysis on data generated and acquired remotely.

Planning and design of a data sharing platform.

Big data storage

Website development and update

  • Infrastructure (management and offering)
  • Reference center and support for the development of AI systems for health in compliance with the AI ACT regulations and AI and Medical Devices regulation
  • Multidisciplinary AI solutions and Open Data support for Life Science and Pharmacology
  • Training in new Digital Skills for researchers, healthcare professionals, and users
  • LIGHT Main Hub will play a role in accompanying, experimenting, and supporting researchers and companies that will need to develop and certify AI-based devices and solutions.

The innovations introduced in the healthcare network and their translation into clinical practice are seeing an exponential increase, thanks to continuous progress and an improvement in the new generation of DNA sequencing technologies and a gradual decrease in the financial resources needed for their use. Today, the challenge to overcome is the lack of large research infrastructures capable of managing and, consequently, interpreting the vast data generated by these technologies. This technologically advanced sector also has repercussions on scientific research (including applied research) and the economic development process. A modern, effective, and efficient health system increasingly depends on digital innovation. The systemic management of big data is essential to archive, reprocess, and transform them into new information. Collecting and analyzing health data allows for more targeted patient management, making accurate diagnoses, for instance, for socio-demographic assessments (to reduce costs associated with health services and also predict and prevent epidemics). The main products/services that will characterize the main Hub are as follows:

• Large-scale analysis: integrative analysis of data generated and acquired remotely
• Big data storage
• Design and implementation of a data-sharing platform
• Building and updating the website.

• Analisi su larga scala: analisi integrativa sui dati generati e acquisiti da remoto
• Archiviazione dei big data
• Progettazione e realizzazione di una piattaforma di condivisione dei dati
• Costruzione e aggiornamento del sito web