AI Biopharma Hub

AI-driven design, synthesis, and characterization of the activity of new drugs and bio-drugs through the EXCALATE platform by Dompé.​

Validation of the activity of new drugs and peptides on potential pharmacological targets in biological systems to generate new data to be included in the database.​


  • AI for Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of activity and toxicity of new drugs and biopharmaceuticals with the Dompè EXCALATE platform
  • Validation of new drugs and their activity on potential pharmacological targets in biological systems
  • New experimental resources
In Silico Laboratory: a fully integrated facility for the design, synthesis, and characterization of the biological activity of new drugs and biologics, primarily therapeutic and diagnostic peptides. An "in silico" laboratory will allow the necessary activities to optimize the structures of new peptides and, in general, of drugs and biologics, following a virtuous and interactive circle that uses experimental data derived from biological activity to train artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. The main goal is to design and subsequently synthesize new generations of peptides with improved and optimized structural, physicochemical, and biological characteristics based on possible and different therapeutic indications through a "3D printing" approach. The use of high-performance computing (HPC) for molecular simulations combined with the most advanced artificial intelligence/machine learning algorithms will enable state-of-the-art AI-driven molecular design. The direct integration into a single interconnected infrastructure of molecular design, automated parallel peptide synthesis, and automated determination of biological activity will significantly accelerate the identification of new therapeutic treatments for various conditions, including rare, neglected, and infectious diseases. This will result in a significant reduction in time, from about 12 to 4 months, in selecting and characterizing new pharmacologically relevant treatments. This new structure will be part of Dompé's EXSCALATE platform and will enhance the AI-driven drug discovery platform already established by Dompé Pharmaceuticals S.p.A. Wet labs will be established for microbiology, molecular biology, and pharmacology studies to validate the activity of drugs and peptides on potential pharmacological targets in cellular disease models, thus creating new data to feed the database. Lastly, part of the AI BIOPHARMA HUB's activities will be dedicated to conducting early drug discovery programs, using the same platforms and artificial intelligence technologies to serve external clients. Starting from target identification, studies will be conducted for the rational design of new classes of compounds or for the repurposing of known molecules on molecular or cellular targets with potential therapeutic applications. The target will be selected based on collaborations aimed at leveraging the potential of the EXSCALATE platform and, once the best molecules are identified, the program will be licensed to external partners for subsequent preclinical and clinical characterization steps in the desired clinical indication. In this case, the business model followed by the HUB will be the classic model based on paying Dompé an initial advance and subsequent milestones linked to the well-defined progress of the program based on specific agreements with partners. Based on this approach, Dompé and the entire HUB will have access to additional medium and long-term sustainability sources thanks to the potential revenues from high scientific and economic value project activities, both important for the growth and visibility of the entire HUB, even within the boundaries of uncertainty and the high risk of failure typical of research projects in a very early stage.